Full throttle for automotive infotainment SoC market


AEC - automotive electronics council

The market was worth $9,035m last year, and is predicted to nearly double in value to be worth $18,485.9m by the end of 2028.

SoCs that address major automotive design concerns, such as reducing weight and size in motor control systems, as well as next-generation systems that improve the driving experience, such as speech recognition, AV sensing, imaging, GPS and radar capabilities, ADAS, security and safety fuel demand from automotive manufacturers for automotive infotainment SoCs.

A warning note is sounded: Companies like Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, NVIDIA, Reneasas, Qualcomm and Infineon will have to negotiate high production costs of graphite and carbon fibre, silicon carbide (SiC), potting compound porous ceramics which can impact the cost of substrate and fabrication and could hamper market growth which needs constant innovation to update the driving experience.

Picture credit: Automotive Electronics Council



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