Future Macs could one day adjust audio based on where you're sitting


As Apple gears up to release its super-powered iMac Pro this December, the tech giant already seems to have some lofty ideas in mind for future computers.

A new patent from Apple was published this past week, showing off a method for what appears to be dynamic audio on a computer device based on the position of one or more users.

Originally filed in May of this year, the patent describes a way of using sensors, such as a video camera or multiple microphones, to enhance audio in situations where people may be different distances from the screen.

Image Credit: United States Patent and Trademark Office

(Image: © United States Patent and Trademark Office)

For example, these sensors could indicate that someone is moving away from the computer and turn up the volume in response. The same could theoretically work in reverse as they move back closer to the speakers.

While neat for listening to music as you move around a room, the patent gets more interesting as more people get involved. As described in Apple’s filing, the tech could be used to focus on an individual during a video chat — such as online hangouts with the family or business meetings.

For example, if someone streaming a video conference has trouble hearing someone in the back over others talking, they could select that person and have the microphones focus on that particular person to better pick up their audio.

As always, however, a patent is not confirmation of a new Apple feature in the works. That said, we do plan to learn more what the company has in mind come September 12, as that’s when we expect to see long-awaited reveal of the iPhone 8.

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