Future of the iPhone? We may see fully flexible Apple displays


Screen manufacturer Japan Display, Inc. has announced a new type of bendable screen that might have already caught the interest of one of its biggest supply partners: Apple.

Called the Full Active Flex, Japan Display’s newest tech may be on Apple’s radar, as the company is reportedly looking into the potential of flexible displays, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Beginning production in 2018, the 5.5-inch HD LCD screen substitutes glass layering for plastic. This not only gives it its pliability, but also makes it resistant to cracking when dropped, AKA the everyday bane of the average phone user.

Japan Display is far from the only one working on flexible screens. Samsung’s Galaxy Edge series gets it name from its curved screen design, while LG invested about $1.75 billion (about £1.33 billion, AU$2.3 billion) recently into making its own flexible OLED displays.

While smartphones are the most probable application for flexible screen technology, Japan Display remarks that the Full Active Flex screen could also be useful in other various products, such as laptops to cars.


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