GaAs up/down converters offer side-band choice



ADMV1009 is a single side-band (SSB) I/Q up-converter optimised for point-to-point microwave radio designs operating in the 12.7 to 15.4GHz frequency range. It provides 21dB of conversion gain with 20dB of image rejection. A 180° balun is required to select the required side-band.

ADMV1010 is the SSB I/Q down-converter partner for the ADMV1009, optimised for operation between 12.6 and 15.4GHz. It provides 15dB of conversion gain with 25dB of image rejection, and its down-conversion requires a 90° hybrid to select the required side-band.

“Both the ADMV1009 and ADMV1010 serve as a much smaller alternative to hybrid-style SSB up-converter and down-converter assemblies, respectively,” said Mouser.

ADMV1011 is a double side-band (DSB) up-converter features with the same conversion gain and image rejection as the 1009 but outputs across 17 to 24GHz. This time a only 90° hybrid is needed to select the required side-band.

ADMV1012 is the down-converter counterpart to the 1011, operating in the 17.5 to 24GHz band and providing 15dB of conversion gain, 25dB of image rejection and a 2.5dB noise figure.

Packaging in all cases is a thermally-enhanced 4.9 x 4.9mm LCC.


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