Gadget Book: The Arduino Inventor’s Guide


ArduinoInventor'sGuide_cover_0The idea, you may guess, is to make electronics more accessible – to take total beginners from blinking their first LED to programming a robot. It’s based around the Arduino and done in collaboration with parts retailer SparkFun Electronics.

The ten build projects include a miniature traffic light, a light-sensitive, colour-changing night-light, a temperature-sensing mini greenhouse, a motorised, programmable robot and a (tiny, but playable) electric piano.

The authors are Brian Huang and Derek Runberg, of SparkFun’s Department of Education.

You can read more about the book online, and a sample of the layout is below.


“We wanted to share the magic that happens when you build something interactive with electronics,” says Huang. “The goal is to teach real, valuable hardware skills, one project at a time,” adds Runberg.

The Arduino Inventor’s Guide details

Title: The Arduino Inventor’s Guide – Learn Electronics by Making 10 Awesome Projects
By: Brian Huang and Derek Runberg
Publisher: No Starch Press
Date: June 2017
Price: $29.95 (print), $23.95 (Ebook)
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-1-59327-652-2

The Arduino Inventor’s Guide table of contents

Project 1: Getting Started with Arduino
Project 2: A Stoplight for Your House
Project 3: The Nine-Pixel Animation Machine
Project 4: Reaction Timer
Project 5: A Color-Mixing Night-Light
Project 6: Balance Beam
Project 7: Tiny Desktop Greenhouse
Project 8: Drawbot, the Robotic Artist
Project 9: Drag Race Timer
Project 10: Tiny Electric Piano
Appendix: More Electronics Know-How


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