Gaming on the go: the top 10 mobile games to play on your next trip


There has long been a precedence for passing long hours on the road with a mobile handheld device. For those of us born two decades or more ago, the go-to gadget was the Game Boy. For the modern generation, though, mobile gaming via smartphone has taken the mantle from Nintendo’s handheld and has brought a bevy of great games along with it.

What that boils down to, more or less, is that if you aren’t the driver, you’re a passenger with a golden ticket to adventure and can partake in the portability provided by the phone in your pocket. 

If you need some direction as to which worlds are worth exploring during your travel siesta, we’ve assembled a guide to the top 10 mobile games you can enjoy from the comfort of your go-to device for your next cross-country expedition, regardless of whether you’re an iOS or Android user. 


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