Gate drive PSU aimed at SiC mosfets


Recom RxxP21503D SiC mosfet

“High-frequency and high-voltage switching are the main challenges of driving SiC mosfets,” said the firm. “A typical DC/DC isolation voltage should normally be at least twice the working voltage, but the high ambient temperature and fast switching edges generated by these high-power transistors cause additional stress to the insulation barrier.”

SiC mosfets require different turn-on and turn-off voltages compares with silicon IGBTs and mosfets.

The Recom RxxP21503D series provides output voltages of +15 and -3V, “which are needed to efficiently switch second generation SiC mosfets”, it said.

To protect the isolation barrier, it is rated at 6.4kVdc, and the internal transformer uses a pot-core to physically separate the input and output windings – all in an industry standard SIP7 case.

These converters are available with input voltages of 12V, 15V or 24V and come equipped with <10pF parasitic.

They are EN-60950-1 certified and fully compliant to RoHS2 and REACH.

A 3-year warranty is offered.


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