General Election “extraordinarily important” for UK digital, says techUK


Julian David

Julian David

“Tech businesses will be looking to the UK’s political parties to set out clear plans for how they intend to support economic stability and to keep the UK at the forefront of global technological innovation and digitisation,” said David.

Brexit is likely to dominate the election campaign. The eventual Brexit deal is expected to have a significant impact on the tech sector, as it is very closely integrated with the rest of Europe in terms of trade, legislation and research.

“But our exit from the European Union is not the only issue at stake,” said David.

“The next government will need to demonstrate that it understands the needs of the UK’s most dynamic businesses by building a long-term industrial strategy, developing a new approach to skills and education fit for the 21st century and creating the right conditions for businesses and people to thrive across the UK.”

David sums up the position in one sentence: “This election comes at an extraordinarily important time for the UK’s digital economy.”


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