Google IO liveblog: the 2017 keynote updates in real-time


10:14AM: Here are some uses for Google Lens, as demoed at the Google IO keynote. See restaurants in front of you? Well, Google knows where you are (because it knows everything about you via its knowledge graph) and will present reviews and information over top of the building.

Even better, crawling under your co-workers desk in order to get the SSID and password of a Wi-Fi router? Snap a photo and it’ll actually parse out the information and connect you. There was definitely applause for that first-world problem.

10:12AM: Sundar is talking up the progress made in photos, with some light applause. The magic behind Google Photos is astounding. But it’s just the beginning.

With that, Google Lens has been announced. It uses the camera to identify what you’re seeing in real life. It’s like Bixby, but maybe it’ll actually be useful.

10:09AM: Smart reply is coming from Gmail. It’s the handy feature you didn’t use when you decided not to download (or at least actively use) Google Allo. Now you’ll be able to use this quick reply feature to answer your emails.

10:08AM: “This week, we’ve crossed over 2 billion active users on Android,” said Sundar. But… there’s always a but, computing is evolving again.

10:06AM: Sundar has taken the stage and immediately talking big numbers, in the billions, between users and YouTube views. Google Drive will be the next to break billion user breakthrough at 800+ million. “The scale of these products are amazing,” he said.

10:03AM: It’s started. Right on time, we’re now into the introduction video (a cute animated short) for the Google IO keynote, right before Google CEO Sundar Pichai takes the stage.

09:48AM: There’s a lot of work that goes into bringing you news and updates of live events like the Google IO keynote. These are just two of the people behind the madness, Michelle (left) and me, Matt Swider (right). We’re psyched to be in Mountain View on the Google campus to bring you the latest announcements. Just minutes to go now. 

09:34AM: We’re less than 30 minutes from Google CEO Sundar Pichai taking the Google IO keynote stage, and we’re hearing some amped up tunes with ‘Audio powered by Android.’ The techno music vibe technology goes with all of the gadgetry here in the audience.

08:54AM: We’re one hour from our Google IO liveblog minute-by-minute updates and already seated in the outdoor Amphitheater. What are we hearing besides pop music blaring over the speakers?  Rumors about a standalone VR headset. It’s been talked about by the non-media audience. News travels quickly. What does that mean for Google Daydream? Is it going to accelerate the growth of VR? We’ll know very soon.

08:12AM: It’s official. We’re at Google IO 2017, and for all of the people who say “Picture or it didn’t happen,” we’ve got that now.

We’re huddled with the world’s press at Google’s Shoreline Amphitheater waiting to go into the keynote. It’ll begin at 10AM on the dot.

12:00AM: We’re kicking off our Google IO liveblog this morning in Mountain View, California, and we’re in the company of thousands of  Android fans 

They have a reason to be excited. Google’s May 17 keynote begins in 10 hours, and it’ll usher in the future of Android software and hardware.

Google has turned IO into a developer-focused outdoor festival that celebrates coding and innovation as an art. And the Android community plays the artist.

There’s definitely a start-up vibe to Google IO, but you’re still going to hear a lot of big impact announcements straight from the Alphabet company.

We’ll be covering all of the news here in real-time over the next several hours. Here’s some background while we sleep.

Google IO liveblog start time

We’re going to begin the Google IO 2017 liveblog around 7AM – and everything will be in Pacific Time. After all, we’re in ‘Google Country’ right now.

The actual keynote begins at 10AM, with doors opening an hour in advance. That’s usually how long it takes us to get Wi-Fi working properly – Google Wifi’s mesh connection may help this year.

We’ll provide minute-by-minute updates of what Google CEO Sundar Pichai says on stage and what your Android phone will look like (software-wise) in four months.

Google IO liveblog: what to expect

What’s next for the Alphabet company? Over the next 12 to 24 months, your phone and speakers will get smarter, with Google rallying behind Assistant.

AI is driving all of the major players in tech, including Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook but Google’s knowledge graph has so much data to work with.

Google Home is the company’s budding AI speaker product, and we’re likely to see how it’ll answer the new Amazon Eco Show and its smart Alexa assistant.

Android O is a sure thing at Google IO. This is where Google likes to tease new features for its mobile operating system and the web.

Will we see Android Wear, Chromebook, car tech and lots of lots of VR tech. You can read more about from the link below.


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