Google's Night Light for Chromebooks looks to help you sleep better


Enjoy using your Chromebook at night? You (or at least your eyes) might enjoy the next feature making its way to Google’s laptop operating system.

Keen-eyed Reddit users have spotted a “Night Light” mode in Chrome OS’ experimental Canary channel, where new-but-incomplete builds of the operating system are testing before rolling out to the public at large.

Night Light mode allows Chromebooks to tint the screen with a yellowish hue during certain times of the day, which is intended to reduce eyestrain late at night and prevent keeping users from staying wide awake after hours.

Image Credit: InauspiciousPagan (via Reddit)

(Image: © Reddit user InauspiciousPagan)

Similar to iOS’ Night Shift and Amazon Fire’s Blue Shade feature, Night Light supposedly aids sleep by reducing the amount of “cool” colors on screen, which has been shown by studies to be more likely to get in the way of a good night’s rest after the sun’s set.

It’s unknown at this time how long it’ll be until Google rolls out a stable version of its operating system with Night Light built-in. That said, the feature can’t be too far off, given its sighting on Google’s Canary track for Chrome OS.

However, with Google’s IO 2017 developer conference just days away, we wouldn’t be surprised if the tech giant makes a quick announcement bringing attention to the eye-saving feature — if not just to assure us it hasn’t forgotten about Chrome OS, especially in light of Google’s mysterious side project, Fuchsia.

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