Harting mounts current sensors directly onto busbars


Harting has introduced a range of current sensors which can be directly mounted on busbars.  

With dimensions of 6cm in height and 14cm wide, the HCME range of current sensors measure high currents up to 5500A. 

Current Sensor HCME 500A-2500A

The design of the HCME sensors is based on the open-loop measurement principle. This provides a direct representation of the primary current with an accuracy of up to ± 1%. 

According to the supplier, the sensors can measure direct or alternating currents, even if they have complex waveform, over a frequency range from 0 to 50kHz. 

The high immunity to interferences, e.g. caused by the magnetic fields of external current-carrying conductors, constitutes a specific benefit.

The operating temperature range is from -40 °C to +85 °C. The sensors come in standard sizes.


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