Here's how much we watch Netflix compared to every other major streaming service


It’s no surprise that more and more households are beaming in their favorite shows over the internet — but even as cable-cutting completion grows, one service stills remains the top dog by a sizable margin.

As you might’ve guessed, that service is Netflix, which takes up more of customers’ viewing time in the US than all major competing over-the-top (OTT) streaming services combined, according to MarketingCharts.

The data, gathered by comScore, claims that Netflix holds a 40% share of total viewing hours of an OTT service, with YouTube coming up in second place with an 18% share, Hulu third with 14% and Amazon Video at 7%, combining up to 39% — just a percent short of the share Netflix commands solo.

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This information follows shortly after another comScore survey in April found that that Netflix ruled over other streaming services in terms of reach but competition was creeping up in another category: engagement.

While Netflix has a greater share of viewing hours and household penetration, services like SlingTV and Hulu were close to leading the pack in terms of how long watchers were actively using the service each day. 

It seems Hulu has finally taken the lead, as this most recent comScore survey found that Hulu users studied averaged 2.9 hours per viewing day — beating out Amazon Video’s 2 hours, YouTube’s 2.1 hours, and even Netflix’s 2.2 hours by a considerable amount. 

As Hulu begins rolling out its live TV offering alongside Google’s own YouTube TV, it might become even harder for Netflix to hold viewers’ per-day attention from its competitors, though its consistently growing library of original content seems to show no sign of slipping momentum for the streaming giant.

That said, it appears that there’s increasing merit for streaming services that specialize in a steady schedule of new content over sudden bursts of binge watching material. Netflix may still have more eyes on it per month than its top three competitors put together, but it appears Hulu in particular may have a new hill to stake its claim on.


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