Hollywood Foley artists have messed with how we think the world sounds

No doubt you’re aware that the sounds you hear in films aren’t the real sounds that happen on set.

Behind every great movie (and all the not-great ones too) is an unsung army of Foley artists, putting coconut-shell clops to each horse’s hoof that hits the ground.

While audio equipment on set might be cutting-edge, for some reason they point all the microphones at the actors mouths rather than the objects that the actors are interacting with. 

What’s interesting is that sometimes a real sound when recorded doesn’t sound like the thing it’s a recording of. In these instances, the Foley artists substitute the real sound for a fake sound that sounds more real. 

The sweet sound of…meat?

This supplantation of the real for the sounding-real means that we now have a perception of how certain things should sound that’s inaccurate. 

So, in Terminator 2, when the T-1000 ‘melts’ his way through the prison bars, that’s actually Sound Designer Gary Rydstrom sucking dog food out of a can. Whereas in real life, that would sound like… wait, maybe that was a bad example. 

A better example is how the sound of bacon frying is interchangeable with rain falling. And rain falling doesn’t really sound like rain falling. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the bacon-tastic video below: