How to build your own Bluetooth Smart thermometer


Smart thermometer

In terms of components, you will need a Genuino 101 (€28.65), a SparkFun Digital Temperature Sensor Breakout (TMP102 – $3.45), a generic breadboard ($4.95) and some jumper wires ($1.95).

You’ll also need the Blynk app (for Android or iOS) for wireless comms to the Arduino, and also the Arduino IDE and Arduino Web Editor.

Full steps are provided in the post on the Arduino blog – see Arduino/Genuino 101 BLE Thermometer With TMP102 and Blynk GPL3+

Basically, fire up the Arduino IDE, download the Blynk library, get an “Auth Token” for using the Blynk app, edit and upload the sketch, and then connect the 101 with Blynk via the apps Bluetooth button. Sounds easy?

Full code is supplied for the sketch, along with helpful photos, step by step.

Check out the Bluetooth Smart thermometer»

If you are interested in this area, note that ams, the sensor and analogue IC specialist, launching a pre-calibrated relative humidity and ambient temperature sensor IC at Electronica recently.

The reason I mention it is that an Evaluation Kit, for the ENS210, is available (pictured below).

ams ENS210-EvalKit

The ENS210 provides output in Kelvin, accurate to a maximum +/-0.2 degree C over the range of 0 to 70 degree C. It also provides relative humidity measurements as a digital output accurate to a maximum +/-3.5%. Admittedly, the kit is rather more expensive, as you can see below, via the EW Compare part listing…

See also: TI combines accurate humidity sensor with thermometer


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