Infineon acquisition aims at mass deployment of Lidar


Dr Reinhard Ploss - Infineon

“We have further strengthened our leading position in automated driving by entering the Lidar market through the acquisition of Innoluce, a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in the Netherlands,” Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss (pictured) told shareholders earlier this week.

Innoluce has developed solid state laser scanning modules, based on resonant 1D MEMS mirror technology and integrated ASIC, which delivers a wide range of applications including holographic imaging, minimally invasive surgery and lithography..

“Innoluce specializes in MEMS-based scanning mirrors for laser beams,” said Ploss, ” current Lidar systems that will be introduced in premium cars within the next couple of years are based on mechanical scanning mirrors which make them bulky and rather expensive to become a standard feature in all car classes. Lidar systems need to semiconductor based.”

“Innoluce’s technology, combined with our expertise, allows the development of compact, cost effective and robust semiconductor based Lidar systems for mass deployment,” added Ploss.


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