Infineon adopts sensor fusion IP from Leti


Leti SigmaFusion

“The Aurix family advances the automated and electrical car,” claimed Infineon microcontroller director Ralf Koedel. “Aurix is responsible for safe and secure decision making, such as whether or not to initiate the automatic emergency braking.”

Called SigmaFusion from Leti combines and merges takes incoming distance data, feeding it into an autonomous car’s autopilot perception layer. According to the lab, the system is able to detect any kind of obstacle and to assess obstacle-free spaces for safe route navigation.


“SigmaFusion is compatible with any type of sensor, and provides fast, accurate environmental perception and real-time performance in a mass-market microcontroller. In addition, it is 100 times more efficient than comparable systems, and tailored to various platform, vehicle types and models,” said Leti marketing manager Michael Tchagaspanian.

Aurix multi-core microcontrollers feature security level up to Evita high standard, Gbit Ethernet, “and the biggest integrated ASIL-D memory configuration, with 16Mbyte flash and 6.9Mbyte SRAM”, said Infineon.

Leti has a staff of more than 1,900 in Grenoble and is a branch of CEA Tech, it self the research branch of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

Leti is demonstrating SigmaFusion at the 12th ITS European Conference in Strasbourg this week (booth S9).




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