Intel and Ericsson in Nordic project to roll-out first 5G services in Europe


This is a collaboration between the Swedish mobile operator and technology suppliers Ericsson and Intel.

Telia 5G 2One of the use cases demonstrated was an industrial IoT application where a construction excavator was remotely controlled with a live 5G network.

The demonstration used an Ericsson 5G basestation consisting of 5G millimetre wave antenna, radio and baseband, in conjunction with the Intel 5G Mobile Trial Platform.

Asha Keddy, general manager, Next Generation and Standards Group, Intel, writes:

“This demonstrates the importance of collaboration and the need for seamless flow of data across the network, cloud and devices to make 5G a reality.”

Telia’s plan is to introduce 5G services in Tallinn and Stockholm in 2018.

Gabriela Styf Sjöman, Global Head of Networks, Telia, writes:

“We want to be early with 5G and will bring it to life in Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki in 2018.”

These real-life applications of a 5G network are part of the process of learning about the interoperability between systems across the network, cloud and devices.

Telia 5G 3Telia and Ericsson announced a joint roadmap in 2016 that aims to let Telia customers experience 5G services in 2018 in Tallinn and Stockholm.

During another test this month, 5G technology was deployed for a passenger ship while it was in the Port of Tallinn in Estonia. The technology enabled Wi-Fi usage for 2,000 passengers and the ship’s own information and communications technology systems.



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