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UK human propulsion start-up, Gravity, has built and flown a jet engine flying suit.

Founded by Richard Browning, the firm’s Daedalus suit has six jet engines, four hand held and two in a backpack.

RS Components has provided tools, components and expertise to support the development. RS has a page on the suit here.

Just in case you are thinking this is an April Fool, a spokeswoman for RS has insisted to Electronics Weekly that it is not.

The suit is Wi-Fi enabled and includes a head-up Display, made from Sony SmartEyeglass, that can highlight safety and performance indicators, including fuel levels and engine operation. It also allows live data streaming from the suit for ground monitoring.

The Daedalus took 12 months to build, the technology is patented, and the start-up has already secured hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment.

“This is real-world aeronautical innovation,” said Browning. “We are serious about building a world-changing technology business. We stand at the very beginning of what human propulsion systems will do. I have to say, it’s phenomenally exciting.”

The image is taken from this YouTube video.

Gravity has a proto-website.


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