JTAG Technologies module brings PXI into play for hi-rel test


JT 2147/eDAK module

JT 2147/eDAK module

The module provides an interface between the test firm’s PXI and PXIe DataBlasters to the MAC panel ‘Scout’ connection system.

Designated JT 2147/eDAK, the module employs the firm’s QuadPod active interface.

It provides four independent JTAG Test Access Ports (TAPs) as well as 64 digital I/O scan channels plus 16 ‘static’ DIOs.

Each TAP can be programmed to operate through a range of voltage levels and two can also be reconfigured to operate as other test and programming interfaces such as BDM or SWD.

Peter van den Eijnden, managing director writes: “Within high-reliability testers within mil/aero and other sectors, the JT 2147/eDAK will greatly simplify the system builder’s tasks and enhance the power of their test systems through improved signal conditioning.”

JTAG/boundary-scan applications can be executed on the PXI platform with driver packages that are available for NI LabView, TestStand and LabWindows alongside Geotest ATEasy and a number of generic language compilers (e.g. .NET framework, C++ and VB).

The connection between the PXI instrument and receiver module is accomplished using either a passive printed circuit board, active signal condition module (as with the JT 2147/eDAK) or flex circuit.


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