Labcenter partners with SamacSys for PCB part creation


SamacSys, which also powers the Electronics Weekly Component Search Engine, has been selected to provide high-quality CAD models for Labcenter’s Proteus design tools.

Components can now be downloaded into Proteus without the need for manually extracting information from datasheets to create the CAD models.

“Electronics engineers and PCB designers now can access a PCB library of more than 15 million components,” said SamacSys.

“This new content significantly reduces library development time and improves design accuracy during any product development cycle – leading to lower costs.”

When a manufacturer brings a new component to the market, SamacSys says its PCB Library Wizard allows users to create their own IPC-compliant components for instant download. There is also a free part-creation service.

“The integration of Samacsys tools with Proteus provides a quick and seamless way for our users to search and import new library parts,” said Iain Cliffe, executive director at UK-based Labcenter Electronics.

“Not only does this make literally millions of existing schematic components and footprints easily accessible but Proteus users will also benefit from a free-to-use part creation service for new silicon devices.”

A video on how to set up and work with the SamacSys Library Loader and the Proteus Design Suite is available online.


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