LETI makes 4T SRAM with 6T functionality


With SRAM taking up to 90% of some SoCs, this is a major innovation.

“In the longer term, Leti’s CoolCube technology will be able to deliver very high-density SRAM,” researcher Bastien Giraud said. “Enabling TFET-based DRAM and integrating TFET standard cells into CMOS designs will allow circuit designers to take advantage of the best features of both technologies.”



Leti has proposed a high-speed 6T-ReCAM/SRAM (Reconfigurable CAM/SRAM) compatible with compact 6T SRAM foundry bitcells, with the CAM and SRAM words orthogonal to each other.

Leti has fabbed an 8Kb test-macro in 28nm FD-SOI technology.

The reconfigurable CAM/SRAM outperforms the state of the art, with operations clocked at 1.56GHz (at 0.9V), drawing as little as 0.13fJ/bit energy per search.


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