LuxLive: Harwin takes minimalism to extremes with led strip connector

Harwin clip and bar led connector

Clip and Bar is a minimalist connector for electrically connecting led strips in assemblies.

The idea is, according to Harwin’s Robert Webber, who designed the connector, is that led strips using it can be screwed into an assembly, and then connected together at the last moment by pushing short conductive bars into the connector clips – and there is no need for the end-float space needed by connectors that butt end-on-end.

So it has the flexibility of soldered assembly, without picking up an iron. “People don’t like soldering in production,” said Webber.

Harwin clip and bar led connector 90degThe bar is not essential, he added, and the firm suggests 0.7mm copper wire if the connections needs to go around a corner (see photo), and is on the point of specifying a third-party insulated wire should insulation be required.

1A is the contact rating if the female part is not soldered down, rising to 3A on FR4 with a 30deg rise and up to 13A on metal-cored pcbs.

The total connector height is 1.1mm, so shadowing is unlikely, and the clip part is so narrow that it can often go alongside leds on a strip rather than sitting at the end and occupying space where an led could be.

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