Mains power chip is efficient at 6W


Power Int LinkSwitch XT2

Designed for isolated and non-isolated fly-back topologies and called LinkSwitch-XT2, the family can achieve current and voltage regulation of better than -/+3% and typical efficiency above 80%.

LinkSwitch-XT2 ICs consume less than 10 mW in no-load conditions when used with a bias winding (100mW without).

High (132kHz) operating frequency allows small power transformers to be used, which can be further shrunk using the programmable current limit.

The chips combine a 725V mosfet with control circuitry on a single silicon die.

“Integrated safety and reliability features include input over-voltage protection, hysteretic thermal shutdown for over-temperature protection, and auto-restart for output short-circuit, over-voltage and open-loop protection,” said the firm, which sees them being used in small appliances such as microwave ovens, IoT, utility meters, industrial applications and smart-home installations.

Package options are:

  • P – DIP-8C
  • D – SO-8C
  • G – SMD-8C

The data sheet has plenty of application information – it looks like isolated designs need an opto-coupler – and there is a reference design (DER-578) for a 5V 500mA power supply.

output power
at 50°C ambient
230Vac ±15% 85-265Vac
adaptor open frame adaptor open frame
reduced current limit
(Cbypass = 1.0μF)
4.9W 7.3 3.6 4.6
standard current limit
(Cbypass = 0.1μF)
5.6 9.2 4.1 6.1

adaptor: max continuous power in typical non-ventilated enclosed adapter.
open frame: max practical continuous power in an open frame design with adequate
heat sinking.



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