Microwave kit for in-car 24GHz radar design


K-LD2%20Evaluation%20Kit_small_2The K-LD2 evaluation kit has been developed by RFbeam Microwave, a German supplier of planar radar sensors, K-band measuring equipment and engineering.

The kit’s digital signal processing capability allows for evaluation of radar motion sensing.

The K-LD2 sensor supplied with the kit is a radar movement detector with a 2 x 4 patch antenna radar front-end with an asymmetrical beam and a powerful signal processing unit with two digital outputs for signal detection information.

The evaluation board visualises the two digital outputs of the K-LD2 using two LED’s. The sensitivity and the hold time are adjustable using analogue inputs with potentiometers.

The serial interface features a powerful command set to read-out detection data or to fully customise the detection algorithm. A stand-alone or MCU based application can be used when a movement detection or speed measurement is required.

Applications are likely to include speed measurement or distances between vehicles.


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