Misfit will now let you build and customize your new fitness tracker


Fashionable wearable tech is hard to come by, but Misfit wants to improve your tech’s look by letting you tailor the look of your own device to match your style.

A new service called M.Y. Misfit will allow you to mix-and-match styles of Misfit devices to your own tastes.

You can choose from the Misfit Shine 2, Misfit Ray or Misfit Phase and then decide on a color of black, rose gold, silver, black or gold before selecting a custom strap.

Strap choices include silicone, nylon material, leather or paracord, which is a thin nylon cord you can wear on your wrist or like a necklace.

For example, this new scheme will make it possible to buy the Misfit Shine 2 with a leather band for the first time. Misfit will then put your customization choices together and send out the device.

Style of a misfit

Misfit also plan to offer customization for the Vapor in this scheme, but the release date for the smartwatch is still currently unclear.

Customizing your device doesn’t seem to cost anymore than if you were to buy a ready-made option from Misfit’s website either. The service is available now in the US and Australia at this website, but a date for the UK release is currently unclear.

If you’ve been looking for a particular style of wearable, this may be the best way to get a fashionable choice on your wrist.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a customization service of this type – Moto Maker allowed you to build your own Moto 360 smartwatch and phones back in 2013 – but it’s the first time it has been offered by a fitness tracker focused manufacturer and it gives you many more options for your choice of wristwear.


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