Most Read articles – Arm competition, Quantum computing, Glasgow research


What are the most popular topics covered? There is the question of quantum computing, the creation of Pingtogue Semiconductor by Alibaba, Glasgow research into a bio-marker detector, GaN-on-Si power transistors and Arm competing with its own customers…

Most Read articles - Arm competition, Quantum computing, Glasgow research5. Glasgow builds fast bio-marker detector from CMOS

The University of Glasgow has used CMOS chips to analyse concentrations of four body chemicals that are indicators of disease, and has achieved results similar to standard NHS tests.

4. White House talks today on quantum computing

Quantum computing “will enable us to predict and improve chemical reactions, new materials and their properties, as well as provide new understandings of spacetime and the emergence of our universe,” says a White House statement.

CEA 200mm wafer Leti is part of CEA3. ST and Leti to make GaN-on-Si power transistors

STMicroelectronics to manufacture GaN-on-Si power transistors, based on a process developed by French research lab Leti, ST and IRT Nanoelec. The process will be transferred from Leti’s 200mm R&D line to an ST-operated 200mm-wafer pilot-line, operational by 2020,

2. Alibaba starts Pingtogue Semiconductor

Pingtogue will start off as an amalgamation of C-Sky Microsystems, the China design house acquired by Alibaba in April, and the IC R&D team at Alibaba’s DAMO (Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook) Academy.

1. Arm Competing With Its Customers [Mannerisms]

One of the oldest rules of the semiconductor industry is: Don’t compete against your customers. This is all the more important if you’re an IP company where your toe-hold in a customer’s product plans can often be replaced pretty easily.



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