Most Read articles – Microsemi execs, SuperMicro spy chip, Nvidia AI


Most Read articles - Microsemi execs, SuperMicro spy chip, Nvidia AIWhat are the most popular topics covered? There is a court case involving Microsemi execs, the alleged SuperMicro spy chip, replacing platinum in hydrogen fuel cells, Nvidia views on AI and FPGA-based neural networks…

5. FPGA-based neural network accelerator outperforms GPUs
Xilinx Developer Forum: Claimed to be the highest performance convolutional neural network (CNN) on an fpga, Omnitek’s CNN is available now. The deep learning processing unit (DPU) is future-proofed, explained CEO Roger Fawcett, due to the programmability of the fpga.

4. Jensen Huang: Moore’s law is dead – long live AI
GPU Technology Conference, Munich: According to Nvidia founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, there are two dynamics controlling the computing industry today – the end of Moore’s law and software that can write itself, artificial intelligence, or AI.

3. Platinum replacement offers cheaper fuel cells
University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers have found an organic compound that can replace platinum in hydrogen fuel cells. The best catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells ICs platinum — but it comes with a high price tag.

2. A Rum Do
This SuperMicro spy chip thing is a rum do. Although the Bloomberg story says that a great many motherboards had these chips inserted in them, there are no images of such a motherboard.

1. Microsemi execs sue Microchip
The spat between the top execs at Microsemi and Microsemi’s acquirer, Microchip, has reached the courts. Former Microsemi CEO James Peterson and three ex-Microsemi execs are suing Microchip and Microchip’s execs, including Microchip CEO Steve Sanghi, for slander, libel and unfair business practices.


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