Most read Gadget Master posts in June


Most read Gadget Master posts in April

The answers include DIY AI for the Raspberry PI, courtesy of Google no less, flying hoverboards, the Thingy:52 for Bluetooth-based IoT demos, a laser trip-wire alarm built with an Arduino, an EW Brightsparks 2017 profile and robotics for the BBC Micro:bit…

As always, let us take it in reverse order, for the purpose of maximum suspense:

10. element14 turns on the Pi Desktop

9. EW BrightSparks 2017 profile: Roger Thornton, Raspberry Pi Foundation

8. Video: A glimpse of the jet-powered-flying-hoverboard future!

7. Google turns to Raspberry Pi for Do-it-yourself AI

6. Gadget Watch: Brilliant smart multi-card

5. Computer components transform into beautiful insects

4. DevBoard Watch: Nordic Thingy:52 builds wireless demos without hardware

3. MOVE Mini Buggy moves the micro:bit towards robotics

2. How to build a laser trip wire alarm with Arduino

1. PiCapture captures video for the Raspberry Pi

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