Most read Gadget Master posts in March – Raspberry Pi, Korg Nutube, laser trip wire

Most read Gadget Master posts in October

Let’s see what posts your peers were most perusing and what might you have missed in the month of March 2018.

The answers include software defined radio for the Raspberry Pi, a Korg Nutube Amplifier for your guitar, a Samsung Galaxy S9 teardown, an Arduino-based plant monitor and a voice recognition kit from Google, also involving a Pi…

As always, let us take it in reverse order, for the purpose of maximum suspense:

10. Would you like software defined radio with your Raspberry Pi?

9. Raspberry Pi + Cloudio == IoT prototyping

8. Competition: Win an NXP NFC-enabled LPC8N04 devboard

7. Creating a 10MHz scope HAT for the Raspberry Pi?

6. Tearing down the Samsung Galaxy S9 flagship smartphone

5. How to rock a Korg Nutube Amplifier for your guitar

4. Google relaunches voice recognition kit for Raspberry Pi

3. PiCapture captures video for the Raspberry Pi

2. How to build a laser trip wire alarm with Arduino

1. Raspberry Pi with touchscreen serves Android Auto

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