Most read Gadget Master posts in May – Daisy the robot, speech recognition, plant monitor


Most read Gadget Master posts in October

Let’s see what posts your peers were most perusing and what might you have missed in the month of May 2018.

Topics covered include Daisy the robot iPhone diassembler, speech recognition via Android, the Raspberry Pi-powered NSynth Super sound manipulator, a laser trip wire alarm and an Arduino-based rotary cell phone…

As always, we’ll take it in reverse order, for the purpose of maximum suspense:

10. Daisy the Apple robot disassembles 200 iPhones an hour

9. Competition: Win a Microchip embedded Linux development board

8. How to rock a Korg Nutube Amplifier for your guitar

7. Speech recognition for the Arduino via Android

6. Raspberry Pi powers Open NSynth Super sound manipulator

5. How to build your own bike power meter

4. How to build a laser trip wire alarm with Arduino

3. PiCapture captures video for the Raspberry Pi

2. How to build an Arduino rotary cell phone to impress the hipsters

1. How to build a plant monitor with Arduino

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