Most read Gadget Master posts in September


Most read Gadget Master posts in April

The answers include a teardown of the new Apple iPhone 8, the hardy perennial of a DIY plant monitor,  a laser trip wire, a bike power meter, voice recognition, an electric ‘hypercar’ and, of course, the Raspberry P…

As always, let us take it in reverse order, for the purpose of maximum suspense:

10. iFixit tears down the Apple iPhone 8

9. Astro Pi space mission challenge is back

8. Electric hypercar bids for acceleration world record

7. Competition: Win a Keysight DSOX1102G scope

6. How to build a plant monitor with Arduino

5. How to build a laser trip wire alarm with Arduino

4. PiCapture captures video for the Raspberry Pi

3. Google turns to Raspberry Pi for Do-it-yourself AI

2. How to build your own bike power meter

1. Google relaunches voice recognition kit for Raspberry Pi

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