Moto Z’s newest mods are all about giving your phone more battery life


Motorola’s Moto Z family of phones grabbed our attention earlier this year with Moto Mods – physical upgrades that attach to the Moto Z in place of incremental updates common in other flagship smartphones.

From a clip-on movie projector to a JBL-branded speaker, Moto Mods appears to already be in full swing. However, Motorola seems to just be getting started as the company announced today that two new attachments are now available to augment your phone.

The Incipio Vehicle Dock (pictured above) serves as a hands-free hub for your phone when driving. Snapping the Moto Z into the Dock not only makes it easy to read when following directions on your GPS, but also charges the phone and activates Android Auto on compatible cars in a jiffy.

The Mophie Juice Pack (pictured below) pumps up your battery’s life by up to 60% without the need to tote around a bulky portable charger. The 3,150 mAh pack can be charged separately from your phone and also has a built-in efficiency mode to help squeeze every last minute of use out of your Moto Z.

The Incipio Vehicle Dock costs $64.99 (about £50/AU$85) and the Mophie Juice Pack runs for $79.99 (about £60/AU$110) and are both available starting now in the US.

While the Moto Z itself and previous Moto Mods like the Hasselblad True Zoom camera attachment are currently available in the UK and Australia, the company asks that interested customers contact their local store representatives for pricing and availability for the new Moto Mods outside of the ‘States.

Have your own brilliant idea for kitting out the Moto Z? Motorola is still accepting submissions for new Moto Mod designs on Indiegogo through to the end of January. Considering the company hopes to pump out a dozen new Mods each year, we imagine it has an open mind to suggestions.