New iPhone 8 leak touts bezel-free design and other bold changes


As we get closer to the for-real reveal of the iPhone 8, speculation continues to grow over what major changes await Apple’s next smartphone.

In one of the more interesting (and odd) leaks we’ve seen, images claiming to reveal the next iPhone show a handset that’s nearly all screen on the front, with the Touch ID sensor relegated to the back and a vertically-oriented dual camera setup.

Supplied by /LEAKS via Chinese microblog Weibo, the leaked pic is purportedly taken from an technical imaging computer used by iPhone manufacturer Foxconn. 

Image Credit: Weibo (via /LEAKS)

(Image: © /LEAKS)

While nothing is confirmed by Apple at this time, some elements of the mock-up match up with previous rumors regarding the next iPhone’s design, namely the trimmed bezel and lack of home button on the front of the handset. 

The camera orientation also matches up with another supposed leaked schematic of the iPhone 8, though the fingerprint sensor on the back is missing in that particular render.

It’s  worth noting that Apple has a habit of prototyping constantly before ever settling on a design so even if this image is legit, it may not be representative in the slightest of the final product.

At the end of the day, an unconfirmed source is an unconfirmed source, so as always, we advise exercising a healthy skepticism until we get closer to Apple’s official announcement.

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