NSW commuters rejoice: Twitter will soon tell you exactly how late your train is running


Good news for commuters, as Transport for NSW has announced that it’s teaming up with Twitter Australia to launch a convenient and personal alert system. 

The service is focussed on “major disruptions on the suburban and intercity train networks”, and is geared towards weekday workers with regular commute schedules.

The process is relatively simple, just follow the link on the @TfNSWAlerts account and hit “Let’s get started!”. This will give you a personalised link, active for an hour, that takes you to an external site where you can add alerts for both your morning and evening commutes, with each giving you a ‘From’ and ‘To’ station as well as a time window in which you’re likely to be travelling.

Once you’ve hit “Save Alerts”, you’ll get sent a DM confirming your saved settings, and you’re done.

If this has you scratching your head, don’t worry – the handy video above should give you an idea of exactly what to do.

While this is currently a trial, the service should prove to be incredibly useful, giving users even more refined and personalised information to smooth out their workdays.


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