ON Semi extends Bluetooth SoCs


Standardised Bluetooth mesh networking is supported with the ON Semiconductor Mesh release, enabling many-to-many device communications.

Device manufacturers can now deploy large-scale, low-power Bluetooth mesh networks for applications such as smart home, building automation and asset tracking.

The ON Semiconductor RSL10 Mesh release provides additional functionality with the industry’s lowest power consumption.

Consuming  62.5nW while in Deep Sleep mode and seven milliwatts (mW) peak receive power, RSL10 provides advanced wireless functionality without compromising battery life.

The RSL10 radio’s energy efficiency was recently validated by the EEMBC’s ULPMark where it became the first device in the benchmark’s history to break 1,000 ULP Marks, and produced Core Profile scores more than twice those of the previous industry leader.

Prototyping and testing of BLE peripherals for node-to-node and mesh connectivity is now claimed to be easier with the RSL10 USB Dongle.

Along with its BLE Explorer software applications, the RSL10 USB Dongle enables developers to scan, connect, and wirelessly interact with their prototypes while monitoring and logging behavior.





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