Only Connect: Top 5 Things to Avoid in Far-East Importing


Chinese flagWith such easy access to the Far-East those low prices are very tempting. However, if you don’t take the right steps things can go terribly wrong.

Here is my top five things to avoid when using the Far-East to build your cables:

1: Too much focus on price

That is right, price is important – probably the main reason you have decided to sub out the work to the Far East. However, just like here in the UK, you get what you pay for. We have seen so many problems from focusing on using the lowest price supplier.

2: Make time to get it right, right!

We know that time is precious but you really need to make sure that all the due diligence has been done. It’s simple things like making sure your supplier has understood fully the technicalities of the job. Expect it to take 12 weeks for delivery, possibly longer. Hoping for a quick turn around is not a recipe for success.

3: Expect there to be communication errors

This sounds negative, however, most problems occur because the two parties think they understand what needs to be done. No technical drawing can ever totally eliminate errors or grey areas.

Accepting things will be misunderstood, the focus should be on what you can do to avoid this happening, such as sampling, even if it adds a month onto the timescale. It will be worth it.

4: Do not expect any design support

Not to say that you cannot get design support, do not expect your supplier to fix your design issues. If your design is faulty, they will probably still make the product knowing it is not right. That may seem unfair but remember their job is not to think for you just to be a low cost manufacturing base.

5: Keep your eye on delivery costs

Finally, we have seen many people caught out by getting a fantastic price on getting the cables manufactured at a great price but have not factored in delivery costs. This is relevant for lower volume jobs. Also, do not forget to use the correct commodity costs and import duty taxes. They really do add up.

I hope you have found this guide useful. However, if like many people you have the volume but are nervous about taking the plunge and using the Far-East then there is no substitute to contacting your trusted Cable Assembly company to help you in your journey.

Nick Lock, Nicab Ltd


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