Pi-top open next-generation Raspberry Pi laptop

RS700 pi-top inside

The latest pi-top has a 14in 1080p (HD) 14in display, up to eight hours battery life, a full-sized sliding keyboard (US layout), and the quad-core 64bit Raspberry Pi 3.

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It comes with the display installed in the chassis, ready to assemble by connecting a Raspberry Pi 3 and accompanying hardware using the cables supplied.

RS700 pi-topSlid open

“Users can then take advantage of the pi-top ecosystem, comprising software, accessories and teaching/learning aids, to understand computer science and coding principles, and build their own maker projects,” said RS Components, which is stocking the new Pi-top. “The sliding keyboard provides access to the Raspberry Pi 3 and a magnetic board-mounting rail, which allows users to push their learning further by expanding the hardware.”

RS700 pi-top keyboard slid closedSlid closed

An inventor’s kit, supplied with the new pi-top, provides expansion opportunities including LEDs, modular microphones, speaker accessories and pi-topPROTO+, which is a HAT-compatible board containing a breadboard for solder-less prototyping of electronic circuits.

RS700 pi-top actionThe existing pi-topOS Polaris software suite contains purpose-built teaching apps, including the pi-topClassroom customisable lesson-plan creator, pi-topCoder, and pi-topProto physical-computing examples.

Familiar tools like Scratch and CEEDuniverse also work – helping coding concepts to be learned, and powerful utilities like Google office suite and Chromium are built in.

“Pi-topOS Polaris is the only education technology platform endorsed by the UK Oxford Cambridge RSA (OCR) examination board,” said RS.

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