Plessey TV Tuners Have RF/Oscillator Unit


So, 57 years ago, started an ad in Electronics Weekly’s edition of April 12 1960.

The ad continues:

Covering all TV channels plus four FM channels these Plessey tuners use a new contact design in the turret to give accurate re-setting with minimum frequency drift and low contact resistance throughout a long life.

A motorised version (PL14M) is available and can be mounted any where in the receiver, as its position is not dictated by the need to provide a linkage with front panel controls-remote control is easily provided.

A further advantage is that no mechanical loading is imposed on push-buttons.

The specially-developed drive unit uses a mains induction motor to give interference-free operation.

The clutch unit allows self-indexing of the turret for accurate re-setting.

Maximum operating time is 7 seconds for full rotation.

Mounting facilities are provided to enable an inter-station muting switch to be installed if required.


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