Quick! Grab an NES Classic Edition through Walmart – if you can


The NES Classic Edition is more than the holiday season’s most adorable consoles – it’s currently also one of the hardest ones to get your hands on.

Be it high demand or Nintendo under-producing units, but stores are running out of the NES Classic Edition fast, leaving scalpers to sell them for over three times the original $60 price tag on eBay.

For those hoping to snag one of these babies without getting extorted online, Walmart Gamecenter is offering a chance to get the NES Classic Edition for its normal price. All you need is a little patience – and a fast clicking finger.

Starting each day from now until November 18 at 2pm PST , Walmart plans to have the wee lil’ NES on sale in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis.

While far from ideal – in fact, this gives us nasty flashbacks to the Nintendo Wii’s launch 10 years ago, or that weird business with Nintendo’s limited runs on certain amiibo figures –  it does allow interested customers a fair chance to snag the micro-console at its MSRP.

For the rest of you who don’t feel like stalking Walmart’s website every afternoon, there’s always Nintendo’s Virtual Console for that old-school fix. 

(Heck, we can even show you how to build your own mini-NES from a Raspberry Pi.)

 Via VentureBeat 


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