Raspberry Pi Zero gets a docking hub with five USB ports


4952ee073e41a2a8573278f71ae885bc_originalNow the seller is introducing its first Raspberry Pi Zero Docking Hub, through a Kickstarter campaign.

The docking hub comes with five USB host ports and adequate spacing between each port to accommodate USB devices with wide base width and height.

It takes main power from one single micro USB port and supplies regulated power to the USB hosts and the docked Pi Zero.

There is also a 10/100BaseT Ethernet port and a 3.5mm bi-directional audio jack. Installation would takes only seconds and no soldering is required.

Ming Leung, cofounder of MakerSpot, writes:

“Some customers have told us a general Pi problem that their USB devices can’t fit into the port due to tight spacing. We come up an idea to solve the spacing issue and at the same time pack more features into the hub. That’s how the docking hub is born.”

Kickstarter exclusive price after that will be $19.39. For a pledge of $25.60 supporters will receive a complete package which includes one Pi Zero USB Docking Hub, one Clear Case Protector, one 5v2.4A USB Power Adapter (with plug options UL / EU / UK / AU) and one 5-ft Micro USB Cable with On-Off Switch.


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