Razer Project Ariana can turn your whole living room into one giant screen


Razer has long touted its Chroma lighting – those RGB LED lights that you find on keyboards, mice, cases and laptops like the new Razer Blade Pro – as the next step in immersion. 

And while synchronized lighting does add a certain je ne sais quoi to games like Overwatch, Diablo III and Call of Duty Black Ops III, flashing lights don’t hold the same potential that Razer’s next device, Project Ariana, does.

Revealed to the world at CES this year, Project Ariana is a 4K projector concept developed by Razer that expands your field of view in your favorite game by using the area around your gaming monitor as an extended screen. 

During a demo with the product, Hilmar Hahn, Associate Director of Product Marketing at Razer showed us how Project Ariana could make first-person shooter games (in this case Shadow Warrior 2) more exciting to play when they filled your whole field of view instead of being relegated to your tiny monitor.

Gaming on a 100-inch screen

The demo consisted of someone sitting in a chair a few feet from the TV. As usual, lights flashed on the Chroma-enabled keyboard and mouse when he used special attacks or suffered heavy damage. Been there, done that. 

But then Razer turned Project Ariana on and suddenly the area around the TV – what was just a grey wall a few minutes ago – into an extension of the screen. 

Enemies that you couldn’t see a few minutes ago now appeared in our peripheral vision, and while they weren’t as well-defined as they were on the screen in front of us, having an expanded field of view certainly reduced the time needed to locate your next target.