Real-life Transformers could be coming to an amusement park near you


Any kid who grew up watching the Transformers cartoons wished they could have their own giant robot to pilot (at least, we did). But one of those fans grew up, became a roboticist, and made that wish a reality. 

Brave Robotics, a Tokyo-based robotics company founded in 2014, just announced the development of J-deite Ride, a 12-foot (3.7m) tall, 1.6 ton (1.45 tonne) robot that can transform into a working car in just over a minute. 

The robot won’t be leaping into combat like Optimus Prime: it has a maximum speed of 100 meters per hour (109 yards) in humanoid mode. 

But in vehicle mode, it can hit 60 kph (37 mph). And the car’s two passengers can sit inside the car as it transforms around them into robot form.