Redpine Signals launches multi-core SmartMCU series


Redpine Signals launches multi-core SmartMCU series

RS12000 series features an ARM-Cortex M4 running up to 250MHz, sensor hub DSP offload at 125MHz, a four-threaded security and network processor running up to 160MHz, and a full suite of analogue and digital peripherals.

The RS12100 SmartMCU processing architecture was designed ground-up to meet the high MIPS, memory and security demands of IoT – specifically edge-intelligent, voice assistant-enabled, network and cloud connected devices – while at the same time meeting and bettering the power and size of traditional ARM-Cortex-M4 MCUs.

Key features include:

–          Unique  “gear-shifting” architecture enabling both low-power and high-performance within a single processor core

–          Separate network and security processor enables trusted execution environment (TEE) with best-in-class IoT device security

–          Wireless connectivity-ready solution integrates full-featured TCP/IP stack



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