Rohde & Schwarz slashes phase noise in RF signal generator


The SMA100B

The SMA100B

The result is a signal generator which can match higher output power and a spurious free dynamic range.

Designated the R&S SMA100B, which comes as a 6GHz instrument capable of generating up to 38dBm RF output power, or a 20GHz instrument generating up to 32dBm in the microwave frequency range.

Harmonic performance above 6GHz is specified at lower than 70dBc at 18dBm output power. Non-harmonics are below 110dBc at an output signal of 1GHz.

But it is the phase noise performance which is most impressive. At 1GHz, phase noise is  -152dBc/Hz at 20kHz offset.

This level of signal purity will be important in high-precision ADC and DAC testing for high speed wireless and next generation mobile systems.

Another benefit for testing ADCs and DACs is the provision of a second, independently configurable, and synchronised clock signal up to a frequency of 6GHz.

The low wideband phase noise of the clock synthesiser output signal (100MHz, -175dBc/Hz, 30MHz offset) makes it possible to measure the true signal-to-noise ratio of modern ADCs.

And in microwave radar system testing, the SMA100B has a pulse modulator and generates pulses with extremely short rise and fall times and an on/off ratio below 90dB. With precise automatic level control (ALC) means that the absolute top power levels of narrow pulses are output in a highly accurate, reproducible manner.

Closed loop level control is available for pulse widths starting at 100ns.

At 10GHz, the close-in phase noise is -83 dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset.


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