Samsung takes on Apple Pay



CCP was built with  Smartlink and Ingenico.  Users can make digital cash payments via any enabled contactless device of their choice, such as a dedicated smart card, wristband, key fob, or even a mechanical watch or a smart ring.

The CCP digital cash top up can be done in app (Android and iOS), PC and point-of-sale terminals.

CCP  combines digital cash payments with loyalty points, vouchers, travel cards, ticketing, and more, allowing users to pool a variety of contactless services in a few inconspicuous devices of their choice.

“Current contactless payment solutions aren’t considered a serious alternative to cash in many scenarios,” says Samsung’s   Jörg Suchy, “CCP however takes the industry well beyond the many boundaries of what exists today.

Swiss watchmakers Winwatch and Montfort have each developed mechanical wristwatches with an embedded CCP solution.

Swiss Fintech company will be imminently rolling-out dedicated CCP-enabled smartcards in several Eastern European countries.


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