Samung increasing 2019 NAND capex from $6.4bn to $9bn


The money will mostly go to increasing output at Samsung’s NAND fab in Pyeongtaek.

Chosun Ilbo says that the company’s recently announced 5th Gen NAND chips give it a two year industry lead.

Earlier this week, IC Insights warned thst the industry is over-spending on NAND capex which is already pushing prices down.

There has always been speculation that the established NAND players – Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba and Micron – would increase NAND output to bomb prices just as the Chinese started to put NAND on the market in a bid to deny the Chinese any profit.

All of  them are increasing NAND capex.

Yangtze River, China’s NAND pioneer, is expected to enter the market in Q4/Q1.


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