Save big bucks on 4K TVs, smartphones and more on The Good Guys' eBay sale


eBay Australia always has some great offers, and right now you can score 20% off on laptops and smartphones on eBay’s Xmas Frenzy sale. This sale ends on November 11, but you’ll find that some sellers on the auction site have inflated their prices before allowing you to add the discount code (PEARTREE) at checkout.

That, however, is not the case with The Good Guys. This Aussie retailer has put up a plethora of consumer electronics for sale on its eBay store, with 20% off the actual RRP of each item. That means you save the full 20% on whatever you purchase. Be sure to use the checkout code PGOOD20 to be eligible for the discount. 

You’ll need to hurry though, as the sale ends tonight at midnight.

To save you not just money, but time and energy as well, we’ve hand-picked some of the better options across some of the categories and listed them below.

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Home Entertainment

Samsung 65Q7F QLED 4K smart TV | usually $3,495 now $2,691

Samsung has some of the best TVs on the market, and its Q7 series of QLED smart TVs is no exception. However, they’ll usually set you back by more than 5K, depending on what you’re after, but if you can settle for a 65-inch Q7 telly, The Good Guys’ eBay sale will bring it down to just under $2,691, including delivery.View Deal

Hisense 65P6 UHD LED LCD smart TV | usually $1,295 now $1,091

If you aren’t too keen on a sharp QLED TV and would prefer a regular 4K smart telly, then this 65-inch option from Hisense is a great alternative. And you save $259 when using the checkout code PGOOD20. So, with delivery charges included, you pay just under $1,091.View Deal

Google Chromecast Ultra | usually $99 now $84.46

Chromecast Ultra offers one of the best value-for-money streaming video devices for 4K TV owners. There’s not as much benefit for the 1080p crowd, but 4K TV owners can save over $19 on this little device if they’re keen on casting directly to their TVs.View Deal

Phones & Cameras

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB) | usually $1,449 now $1,207.70

If you like the feel of a phablet in your hand, the best you can get right now is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is, however, one of the more expensive smartphones of the year, so save yourself 20% on the Black, Blue and Copper colour options of the 128GB storage version on eBay. Price mentioned includes delivery.View Deal

GoPro Hero7 Black | usually $589 now $476.46

Want the latest 4K action camera to capture all your (mis)adventures? Then get the GoPro Hero7 Black from eBay and save nearly $118. But you’ll be paying over $5 for delivery, so the price works out to be just over $476.View Deal

GoPro Hero7 White | usually $299 now $244.46

You’ll save $59.80 on the RRP of this new GoPro that captures images at 1080p. It’s definitely better than some of the older GoPro models and much better priced than the Hero7 Black. With delivery, you’ll be set back nearly $245 for the Hero7 White.View Deal

Canon EOS 200D single lens kit | usually $769 now $620.46

This is one of the best entry-level DSLRs available right now. With a user-friendly set up and a user guide built into the menu system, it’s an affordable option as well, with a saving of over $153 on eBay. The kit comes with a 18-55mm lens.View Deal

Canon EOS 80D single lens kit | usually $1,444 now $1,164.46

If you aren’t too keen on a basic entry-level camera and want something a tad more powerful, the Canon EOS 80D is an fabulous option. The eBay page mentions it comes as a single lens kit, however there’s no mention of which lens it is. Going by the price we’re presuming it would be a 18-55mm EF lens. If that’s the case, a saving of about $290 is not a bad bargain. With delivery, you pay just over $1,164.View Deal

Health & Fitness

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer | usually $499 now $407.70

Every woman deserves the best for her luscious locks and it doesn’t get better than Dyson’s rather expensive Supersonic hair dryer. However, you can save over $99 on eBay and, with delivery included, pay just $407.70 for this amazing hair-styling machine.View Deal

Samsung Galaxy Watch | usually $499 now $407.70

It’s only just arrived on shelves so you won’t find the Samsung Galaxy Watch on discount at too many places. However, The Good Guys have added it to their eBay sale and, with delivery, the Rose Gold and the Midnight Black Galaxy Watches are down to just over $407.View Deal


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