Second big cyber attack expected today.



A second cyber attack using the tools developed by the CIA and dumped on the WikiLeaks site in the Vault7 incident is expected today.

Marcus Hutchings, who uses the pseudonym ‘Malware Tech’, the 22 year-old who halted the spread of the virus last week, told the BBC “there’s another one coming, most likely on Monday. Version 1 of WannaCrypt was stoppable but version 2.0 will likely remove the flaw. You’re only safe if you patch ASAP.”

Europol has also warned that another attack could happen today which is why people must download as soon as possible the Microsoft patch which can defend them from attack.

The CIA tools used a vulnerability in Windows to execute last Friday’s attacks across Europe hitting the German railways, Singapore, Telefonica, Russia’s Ministry of the Interior, the NHS, Nissan in Sunderland, Chinese students trying to access their theses, Renault factories in Rumania and France, a hospital in Jakarta, and Fedex among many other installations.

According to IDC, organisations around the globe  spent a collective $76 billion last year on cyber security.


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