Sheltap clamshell for waterproof auto connections


Samples of the Sheltap 9715 Series Waterproof Electronic Branch Connector are available upon request.

Kyocera designed the Sheltap branch connector series to provide a high level of waterproof functionality and reliability — successfully passing the high-pressure washing and high-temperature exposure testing of the JASO D616 standards, which evaluate wire harness connectors with specially designed enclosures and sealant materials for automotive applications.

By combining a unique housing lock structure with sealant materials, the new connectors are able to meet JASO D616 standards for high waterproofing and reliability in automotive components. The Sheltap series connectors can also operate in extreme temperatures from -40 to +85 °C (185 °F

The products are designed to meet the special interconnection requirements of aluminum wiring, which is 40% lighter than copper wire, and increasingly seen as a key to meeting vehicle weight-reduction goal

The connectors are easy to use – insert the wires and apply pressure.




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