SIM only deal exclusive: get this 1.5GB 30-day SIM deal for just £5 per month


Update: This offer expires on Monday morning (6th February), so act fast if you want to take advantage of this deal.

SIM only deals are getting better and better all the time, with many offering incredible value compared to the high cost of a contract for a new phone. 

Today’s deal sees Carphone Warehouse’s own iD network upgrade one of its most popular 4G deals just for TechRadar readers.

With this plan you can get a 30-day SIM only deal for just £5 a month on a rolling contract that includes 1.5GB of data, 250 minutes and 5000 texts.

iD’s usual deal of 1GB for £5 a month on a 30-day deal is one of the most popular offers every week on our SIM only deals page, so the additional 500MB of data here shames the competition even more. This is the only place you can get this deal until it expires later next week.

Our SIM only deal in full:

iD | 30-day contract | 1.5GB data | 250 minutes | 5000 texts | £5 per month
If you’re looking for a super cheap SIM only deal but don’t want to limit yourself too much with data, 1.5GB for £5 is the best option out there right now. Especially given how freely Wi-Fi is available outside of the home nowadays. You’ll still be able to access emails, browse the net and casually check Facebook and stay under the limit. And as it’s a 30-day SIM only deal, you can change your mind and cancel at any time.

View this iD SIM only deal (ShockProof plan)

Alternate offer: For the same price, you can also go for iD’s data rollover deal, where any unused data is rolled over into your next month’s allowances.

View this iD SIM only deal (rollover data plan)

What is iD mobile like?

iD actually uses the popular 3 network’s signal. If you’re considering signal strength in your area, it’s always a good idea to check your postcode via a network provider’s signal checker. Better still, drag the on-site map around a bit to see what coverage is like at places you frequent outside of home. Places like work, school, favourite pub, friends’ houses and so on.

For us, the biggest selling points of iD’s 30-day SIM only deals are the cheap monthly costs and the freedom of enjoy a rolling monthly contract. 30-day deals are a great match for people happy with their current phone where the contract has expired, or those who bought a handset outright without a contract attached. Or maybe your contract has ended and you want something cheap to keep you going until you find the perfect deal on a new phone.

I personally can identify with the latter, as my old contract expired in September and I signed up for a similar 30-day deal at iD for a few months, biding my time until the Black Friday deals rolled in. So I can tell you first-hand how easy it was signing up and getting my number ported over to their network and, perhaps more importantly, how easy it was to get the PAC code when leaving and taking my number with me. I didn’t even have to phone anyone, it was all sorted via the website. No fuss, no problem.


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